Social Value Policy

Aligned with best practices for organisations providing services procured by the public sector, our comprehensive social value policy encompasses areas addressing economic inequality, sustainability and climate change, equal opportunity, and employee wellbeing.

Tackling Economic Inequality

As a health technology startup/SME based in England, MyOpNotes has created job opportunities in England and attracted international inward investment. Our recruitment practices and employment conditions align with the principles of fair pay, participation, progression, voice, and autonomy as outlined in the Good Work Plan. We actively support workforce development through training initiatives and collaborations with educational institutions. Furthermore, we promote supply chain resilience and capacity by collaborating with SMEs across the UK.

Fighting Climate Change

MyOpNotes is committed to supporting net-zero efforts both in our company's activities and through the impact of our products. Our product plays a pivotal role in supporting the NHS's net-zero goals by revolutionising the way operation notes are completed and managed. Through the power of digital technology, we eliminate traditional paper use, significantly reducing the carbon impact of healthcare. In addition, we prioritise the use of carbon-neutral providers in our supply chain, including AWS, a leading provider of cloud services that is committed to running its data centres on renewable energy by 2025. This ensures that our operations align with sustainable practices and contribute to the overall reduction of carbon emissions.

Equal Opportunity

At MyOpNotes we are dedicated to fostering equality, diversity, and inclusion in our workforce. Our commitment extends to providing a working environment free from discrimination, promoting dignity, and respecting individual differences. We ensure equal opportunities for training, development, and career progression, based on merit and compliance with the Equality Act. Monitoring the composition of our workforce, we aim for true representation of all sections of society.


We prioritise mental health in the workplace and have implemented the six standards of the 'Mental Health at Work commitment.' Our proactive approach includes work design and organisational culture to drive positive mental health outcomes. We promote an open culture around mental health, provide tools and support, and uphold transparency and accountability through reporting. Additionally, in 2022, we offer paid-for volunteering time to our staff, supporting community-led initiatives and causes of personal significance.

By adhering to our Social Value Policy, MyOpNotes strives to make a positive impact on society, ensuring fairness, sustainability, and overall wellbeing for individuals and communities.

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